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5/25/10 11:15 pm - neverknew_xo - Don't Think I Don't Think About It

Title: Don't Think I Don't Think About It
Pairing: Logan/Hannah, Logan/Veronica
Summary: Hannah attends a Hearst Christmas party just one year after she left Neptune. While she's there, she runs into Logan and Veronica, who she tries her best to ignore. But no matter how hard she tries, some things just can't be left in the bag for too long.


7/26/07 11:17 pm - chaotic4life - Promoshots - Split Decision

Hi, I found a few promo shots from last years Pilot "Split Decision" starring Jessy and Alona.
I've never seen them, so if it's a double post ... sorry :(

Here @ creativity4life

4/8/07 05:48 pm - chaotic4life - [HQ Pics] Jessy Schram - Medium 3x15 Episode Stills

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2/14/07 09:28 am - chaotic4life - Jessy pic spam to HOUSE S03E13

Jessy appeared on House last week... I know ...not much with the Logan/Hannah, but she was very pretty :)
And so I thought ... I'd share.

Sorry, I am not one with the witty comments, so instead of boring you, I stuck to the pictures.

Jessy Schramm Screencap SpamCollapse )
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12/28/06 08:07 pm - queen_haq - Fic: Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda (Hannah, Logan) - R

Title: Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda
Characters: Hannah, Logan.
Words: ~2500
Rating: R
Spoilers: 3x09 (The L/V relationship arc, not the mystery resolution). Takes place a few weeks after 'Spit and Eggs'.
A/N: poetrytoprose, I know you really wanted Logan/Veronica, but naked!Logan muse wasn’t being too cooperative on that front… instead, I’m fulfilling your second request for Logan, Hannah (friendship) fic. I hope you like it!

Much thanks to deevee45 for the quick and fabulous beta job! Any mistakes within are mine and mine alone.

Logan opens the door, giving her one of his trademark smirks. Surprisingly, her heart rate doesn’t increase. There are no butterflies in her stomach. The exhilaration that once rushed through her at the mere sight of him is gone.

11/11/06 03:29 pm - rejeneration - Second Chance (HaLo) NC-17

Title: Second Chance
Author:rejeneration, but you can call me Jen
Pairing/Character: Hannah/Logan
Word Count: 6674
Rating: NC-17 for language and gratuitous (though romantic) sex!
Spoilers: Through S2. This is seriously AU. Neither Veronica nor Logan ends up at Hearst.
A/N: I have to say, I think I nearly killed my gorgeous beta with this piece. I'm sorry to make you go through the trauma of Hannah/Logan, rindee, but I couldn't have done this without you. And a special thanks goes to the delightfully spunky, Madame Librarian, for helping me with bits and pieces. You're both all kinds of wonderful. This was written for the vm_library's Anchor's Away Challenge. If you haven't joined vm_library, high-tail it on over there. If you enjoy writing or reading VM smut, well, we'll be happy to welcome you with open arms. So get moving!
A/N 2: On a more personal note, this piece is extremely different from anything I've written before in this fandom. It's 2nd person, from Logan's P.O.V. I'm a little nervous about this. Even if you don't ship these two, give it a try for me; I'm hoping you'll like it. And yes, I'm still busily cranking away on Erosion. I hope to have Part IV up within another week.

Feedback earns you karma points. Seriously, it does.

Come Sail Away...

10/12/06 11:39 pm - sexycereal - MOD

Would anyone be interested in taking over this comm? I never do anything with it and I'm taking a giant leap back from fandom but I'm reluctant just to delete it. Comments here if you're interested.

4/22/06 04:28 pm - ksrli - Huge HaLo post

76 Logan,Hannah, and HaLo icons
3 HaLo,and Hannah headers
1 Wallpaper
2 FOs
2 Colorbars
1 HaLo soundtrack


Find them here

4/3/06 08:57 pm - poetrytoprose - header and icons

Here are a few icons and a header that I made not too long ago. I had fully intended to use the header for my own layout, but it never worked out. I figured somebody could still use it, though. :)

Full size header behind the cutCollapse )
Because I suck at text, feel free to add your own.

And the icons I made!

10 more under the cutCollapse )

Please comment and credit me, poetrytoprose. Thanks!
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